Audit & Governance Committee

The Audit and Governance Committee's role is to review the Combined Authority's financial affairs, internal control, corporate governance arrangements and risk management. More details about the Audit and Governance Committee.
05 May 2017 - onwards
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26 June 201710:0012:00Peterborough City Council Occurred
21 July 201710:0012:00Cambridge City CouncilOccurred
18 December 201710:0012:00Fenland District CouncilOccurred
26 March 201810:0012:00Peterborough City Council Occurred
20 July 201810:0012:00Cambridge City CouncilOccurred
28 September 201811:0012:00Room 128Occurred
30 November 201811:00TBCEast Cambridgeshire District CouncilOccurred
29 March 201911:00TBCHuntingdonshire District Council Occurred
31 May 201910:00TBCEast Cambridgeshire District CouncilRescheduled
19 July 201910:00TBCFenland District CouncilScheduled


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor Ian Benney Member 29/05/2019 - current
Councillor David Brown Member 03/06/2019 - current
Councillor Mike Davey Member 29/05/2019 - current
Councillor Mark Goldsack Member 23/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Tony Mason Member 04/05/2018 - current
Councillor Mac McGuire Member 24/01/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Nick Sandford Member 13/09/2019 - current


NameRoleMembership Dates
John Pye Member 05/05/2017 - current


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor David Ambrose-SmithSubstitute 03/06/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Simon BarkhamSubstitute 13/09/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Peter FaneSubstitute 29/05/2019 - current
Councillor Dr Philip GaskinSubstitute 23/05/2019 - current
Councillor Samantha HoySubstitute 29/05/2019 - current
Councillor Kevin PriceSubstitute 29/05/2019 - current
Councillor David WellsSubstitute 29/05/2019 - current
Katarina O'Dell

Other Information

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee was established by the Combined Authority in March 2017 in accordance with the Combined Authorities Order 2017. The committee is made up of two members from each of the constituent councils of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. The role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to review or scrutinise decisions and actions taken by the Combined Authority or the Mayor.